How to create a baby shower gift basket

Bonjour Señoritas,
Still on the topic of baby shower gifts, I thought it would be fun to teach you guys to create your own baby bath gift or a gift basket. I like it because it’s cheaper and more personalized than the ones you find already set at the store. Below is just a guide line of the products that you will need to start the bath gift basket:

• A bathtub

• Baby shower products

• Baby shampoo

• Nappies

• A towel

• A few cloths (2 should be enough)

• Baby bibs

• A teddy bear

• Manicure set

• Hair brushes

• A blanket

• A set of baby grows or baby outfits

You may personalize the bath tub to your taste. Add and removed products, as long as they are fit for a baby. You can actually opt for a basket instead of a bathtub and include other baby products that have nothing to do with bath time.
Because I almost NEVER have time, I preferred ordering a ‘personalized’ gift basket rather than creating my own from scratch. I went to my favorite baby store here in Maputo, SININHO and created a basket fit for a little princess/ prince. Turns out they have a new store at 24 de Julho so it gave me a chance to check it out.

Since it is a 2nd time mommy, I am pretty sure she has almost everything so I decided to buy helpful accessories that she would probably never think off. In the basket I placed a little document pouch, a little bag to put in the manicure set, a dummy holder ( I remember her1st born LOVED his dummy)(yes, I know not all kids are not the same, the dummy holder was just too cute to pass), a little sac to put in a bottle, baby shoes, (because you know she is raising a fashionista)and the basket itself that can be used for storage.

They wrapped it up all nice and pretty free of charge (YAY). It was so much fun giving it .

If you are still unsure on what to buy for a baby, check out How to buy a gift for a baby for tips according to their age.
Kind Regards,

Nádia de Almeida


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