How to handle teething

Bonjour Señoritas,

From the 6 month to about 1 year babies start sprouting their first teeth. It’s a cute phase for us who get to see those cute smiles , but it’s a very uncomfortable phase for them.

Here is a chart of when we can expect the teeth to come. Remember that ALL babies develop differently , so don’t be alarmed if the teeth take a little longer to come out or if they came out earlier . If you are still apprehensive do not go comparing it to your neighbor’s baby, just contact your baby’s pediatrician .

Be aware that the teething phases comes along with diarrhea, fevers, loss of appetite , Thumb sucking and loss of weight in some babies. They may show all of those symptoms , some or none! Always take baby to pediatrician to be sure of symptoms, they will confirm and give you tips on how to make this bumpy rider smoother for your baby.

I know a few tricks of the trade that helped mine get through it.

Diarrhea : liquids, liquids and more liquids. Diarrhea dehydrates the body, keep giving milk and water to maintain baby hydrated.

Fever: talk to you pediatrician to recommend the best baby paracetamol for the baby.

Loss of appetite: give baby what baby likes . When my baby has a loss of appetite I give her plenty of pears, peaches and breast milk . Her favorites. It usually lasts one day tho. If it last longer, contact your pediatrician.

Irritation : I used the gel from CHICCO , just had to rub some on her gum and she would be smiling in no time. Over the counter teething toys are Godsent toys! they teach the baby how to hold, pick up And they were made to be put in the mouth , unlike you car keys.

Thumb sucking : some babies suck their thumb for comfort, some for relief when their teeth are sprouting. I substituted her little finger with the dummy from CHICCO. It’s all silicone, so it was good for her to sabotage from every angle.

Hope these tips help. I know seeing your baby in pain is the worst thing for a mommy and their irritation can take a toll on you, when it does take a deep breath and hold them tight.

Au revoir,

Señorita Elisa


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2 thoughts on “How to handle teething

  1. Thank you for this, so informative; will be saving it for when our time comes. When my son was teething, he would only have diarrhoea. I wonder what my daughter will experience

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