Swimming lessons for babies

Bonjour Señoritas,

I been reading about the benefits of swimming lessons for babies, it is actually play time with lots of physical and mental benefits.It teaches water safety, its great for physical and mental health, it develops their co-ordination, it builds their strength, it develops their learning skills, and it provides a certain structure in their life.

And since I realized my princess’s love for pool time, we decided to enroll her on baby swimming lessons. I actually asked her pediatrician if we could send her to swimming lessons to which she happily gave us the green light. She warned us that the sun should not be high up so early morning or later afternoon are the best times for the classes, to watch the water temperature (it should be more to warm side than the cool side) and not to skip on that sun block.

We have ours at Thula Thula on Saturdays mornings. The instructor is super patient and sweet with kids and babies, our princess ADORES her.     So she ,the swimming instructor, takes the baby, slowly gets in the pool with her and with the aid of a toy starts playing around the pool. There is no head dunking and no throwing in the water ‘ because babies don’t drown’, but there is some kicks, lots of laughter and loosing the fear of water.

It’s very important to take a little toy that your baby is used to, just to make her comfortable in the water. Take a toy that can be submersed in water and that floats. I took her favorite teether.

You will need to take a towel, sunblock ( I use CHICCO sunblock for babies), a swimming custome and swimming nappies (I use Huggies little   Swimmers).

Have some food ready because pool time does leave babies hungry, and remember they can’t eat right before going into the pool. I actually breastfed princess right after, while she was still in her towel, changed her nappies and we right back on our Saturday activities.

She is very energetic so it’s a nice way to burn that energy and put in some healthy activities and habits early in her life.

Au revoir,

Señorita Elisa


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I am a working mom of two petite princesses , married to my beau, living in a beautiful African country by the coast called Mozambique. I opened the blog to share my passion for beauty, fashion,decor, DIY projects and , of course , my girls! Join me as I ride on this chaotic wave called motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Swimming lessons for babies

  1. So so so cute; she looks very comfortable in the water. I can’t wait for summer, I’ll definitely enrol Khumo for lessons as well. Her brother started when he was 3, but I found it to be very late because he loved water.

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