Friday relaxation at Thula Thula 

Bonjour Señoritas,

Sorry for the silence, last week was physically painful. I managed to contract a respiratory infection and was on bed-rest for much part of the week.

I am finally better, I can talk, swallow and laugh without feeling any pain thanks to lots of soup, water, antibiotics, tea and TLC from the family.So this Friday I decided to treat myself to a little relaxation massage, you know after what my body went through , it deserved a full relaxation.

I went to my favorite family clinic Thula Thula to try out more of their services and decided to try out half an hour of their relaxation massage package. They use Africology products, one of the best from what i know. I got received with flowers and smiles and tea.

So according to their website, Africology is therapeutic in its approach, Africology only uses all-natural ingredients that are bio-identical to your biology, effectively enhancing the integrity of your skin whilst simultaneously preventing premature aging.The product formulations and spa treatment offerings are inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers and celebrate Africa’s vibrant heritage, communities and plant life. Our aim is to always ensure that the body and biology are treated in harmony whilst enjoying a truly authentic African offering.

I have to say, they smell DIVINE and INVITING.

The massage room is serene, has Asian fusion deco and the massage table was ready for me with towels, a cozy robe and cozy slippers, all white mind you. I honestly felt like asking what bleach they use to wash their towels, they were impeccably white. After my tea I was told to lie down and cover with the towels and obviously given some space to do so. 

I informed the masseuse that it was my first time , and that I do not in fact like massages because all experiences were bad, but oh my how my opinion changed.

There were soothing calming sounds of rain, wind and chimes playing in the dark room, with the aroma of the Afro oils I forgot I was in sunny Mozambique and was transported to the middle of Thailand.Don’t remember much of the massage itself, I just remember feeling my body relax and falling asleep with the lightest feeling ever. It was miraculous, I tell you.i was woken up after what felt like hours of relaxation, did some stretching techniques and shown the way to the bathroom .

 Señoritas, I did not want to leave! I decided on a shower to wake me up, with lovely African aromas, no rush, no stress, no baby crying , no honey where is this , no nothing.

I am definitely going back, as my poor shoulders have had enough tension for a life time.

I also liked how they decorated their bathroom. It is simple, warms and smells so divine. I shall be stealing some deco tips from them too. I hope you all have a Friday as relaxing and mine.

Au revoir,

Señorita Elisa


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I am a working mom of two petite princesses , married to my beau, living in a beautiful African country by the coast called Mozambique. I opened the blog to share my passion for beauty, fashion,decor, DIY projects and , of course , my girls! Join me as I ride on this chaotic wave called motherhood.

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