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Bonjour Señoritas,

Now that my little princess is big girl soon passed to her room. Finally, I will have another chance to re-decorate. (YAY!) I have a crazy passion for decoration (my husband walks into a re-decorated bedroom every season).
I have been pinning on Pinterest ideas since she was born (click this link to see the ideas) and now that it’s time, I’m walking around town looking for more ideas.

At SININHO the other day I saw these two set ups, aren’t they super cute? They included a chair, a cot, a wardrobe and some toys here and there. The set of SININHO is great for those who already know the sex of your baby. If you want to prepare your nursery before the baby is born and not yet the sex of the baby, these ideas below can be better.

I want something more neutral, I want to run away from a completely blue or pink nursery . What about these ones from Homecenter?If you already have nursery and just want to give it a new pzas, you can repaint the walls, and add some decorative items here and there. You can buy wall stickers, I know GAME sells  Winnie the Pooh wall stickers, and some Chinese stores sell 3D butterflies. You can buy pillows  with designs or sayings on it.

I bought these cute boxes the other day at Baby Giro and I love them. They help me save space, since i can use fir decoration and storage.

And you ladies, how did you decorate the nursery? If you need customized tips, give me a touch, I will be happy help 🙂

Au revoir,
Señorita Elisa


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I am a working mom of two petite princesses , married to my beau, living in a beautiful African country by the coast called Mozambique. I opened the blog to share my passion for beauty, fashion,decor, DIY projects and , of course , my girls! Join me as I ride on this chaotic wave called motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Nursery Decor

  1. I was so happy to come across your blog. I am a Zimbabwean mummy living in Maputo. Thanks for the ideas of where to find things. You have a great sense of style fashion and decorwise. Keep up the good work

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