CHICCO Easy Meal-Pure Steam Cooker

Bonjour Señoritas,

Now that my little one is eating solids and developing her own tastes, I look for ways to make tasty, healthy, and fast food for her.
I finally found a machine that lets me do that: CHICCO Easy Meal. I usually have accidents when I make her food,either put too much or too little water when mixing but with CHICCO making the meal has became easy, seriously I found the light at the end of the tunnel.

I bought here in Maputo, i have seen in some stores here at a very affordable price (in my opinion). So I didn’t  think twice when i saw it last weekend and bought it. ‘The kitchen robot’ comes in this super light box that comes with: two small containers to keep food, a cookbook, an instruction manual, the machine and the mixers.
The machine has the option of steaming, mix / mash and warm food. You put the amount of water needed in the machine, select the time (the cookbook has a tip on the time for each ingredient), read you book/check Facebook/Snap a pic, and when ready the robot makes a sound to signal . To mix / grind the food have to press a button until you reach the desired consistency. Rarely it passes 30 seconds though.

It is very easy to disassemble / assemble, to wash, clean and store. It is also portable, can take it with me when we spend the day at Grandpa. So instead of heating up her food, I can serve it freshly done.

I have no complaints,the CHICCO EASY MEAL is simply the best. I have to admit that I have a weakness for CHICCO’s products . To inaugurate it I did a mixture of pear and kiwi (one of her favorites) HINT: Most babies like any mixture involving pears, since it is a naturally sweet fruit without being overbearing.

Next time I will post one of their recipes. They have delicious recipes that have been winning with the Princessa loves.

Au revoir,

Señorita Elisa


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