Bath time

Bonjour Señoritas,

I’m the kind of mother who makes the most of the visits to the pediatrician. I even have a little pink book where I write down all my questions, luckily she already used to me and patiently answers each one.

When my princess made three months , it was time to make bath time more interesting by introducing shower gels for babies (until then so we used soap 100% glycerin). I had been given Johnson products by a cousin, the one with the fragrance lavender that apparently acts as soothing , but a month after we use your skin started to have little problems in certain areas.

The pediatrician calmed us and explained that this happens. It means that the baby has very sensitive skin and recommended Oleoban a Portuguese skin brand for babies and adults.I started to use the shower gel (one teaspoon in water), lotion for babies, soap 100% glycerin and her skin never had problems. The product has a mild smell, a little goes a long way, leaves the soft and not sticky and so as many creams out there. 

 Typically I bath my baby twice a day, morning and evening. I know some mothers only bathe the babies once a day (usually at night), but due to the heat and humidity of this country, once a day does not much. I know and one of the biggest debates in the mommy world , but I think when deciding the best time to bathe your baby a lot has to be taken into account, I think better to follow your mother’s instinct.

I found after a while that the best way to bathe the baby, and making bath time a fun and interactive time. Now that she already has 6 months is super curious and can not sit still for 5 seconds or introduce toy ducklings at bath time. So she plays and I get the chance to give her a bath.

If your baby does not like bath time, do not stressed Mom, calm down, change the time and try to find the time that the baby is more calm, and try to make the time fun bath for the baby and for you.

Au revoir,
Señorita Elisa


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I am a working mom of two petite princesses , married to my beau, living in a beautiful African country by the coast called Mozambique. I opened the blog to share my passion for beauty, fashion,decor, DIY projects and , of course , my girls! Join me as I ride on this chaotic wave called motherhood.

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