How to introduce solids to your baby

Bonjour Señoritas,

Pediatricians often suggest that solids are introduced  from six months of age (until then babies should be exclusive breastfed or formula fed.), some babies however start solids at 5 months as per the pediatric prescription.

I was actually advised by the pediatrician to start solids half way through her 5th month. We started with HERO for 4 months. It has no gluten and it comes in two flavors. She had a few spoons twice a day, in between she had expressed breast milk.

When she turned 6 months we moved her onto fruits. Some babies may not like it at first, luckily she was an amazing eater. If your baby is not keen on solids maybe he/she is just not ready, give it some time and introduce it again food after a while. Introduce food gradually to give them time to get used to the taste and  to identify a possible allergic reaction, such as the presence of diarrhea, abdominal pain or cutaneous manifestations.

We started our baby with pears in the morning. Eventually we introduced  apples, peaches, plums and wasn’t so fond of bananas.  A good way to introduce fruits is to give it in the morning, after the first feeding of the day. Fruits are already sweet, please do not add sugar or water and prefer fruits naturally sweeter and less acidic (such as lime or orange).At this point her feeding plan looked something like this:

7am Breast Milk
9am Fruit
2pm Breast Milk
4pm HERO
7pm Breast Milk

The appetite will change at every meal, so it is best to pay attention to the signals the baby gives. When the child refuses to open his mouth to the next spoon, turns his face and begins to play with the food, its because he/she is probably satisfied.

After fruits, you may start introducing veggies and soups at lunch time. Once they start eating well  you can also give it at dinner time. Gradually, more like towards 7 months, I moved her on veggies and chicken which I gave in form of soup. It’s up to you to decide the times and sequences of the meal, if unsure ask your pediatrician since you both now your baby best.

I know mine is an avid eater, and now at almost 8 months her feeding plan looks something like this:

6am Breast Milk
8am HERO
11am Fruit
2pm SOUP
5pm Fruit
7pm SOUP
 Through Out Night Breast Milk

Do not be alarmed by the change of color and scent of coconut tends to change color and get ready, odor. This is normal. Talk to your pediatrician if they are too hard and causing pain .

Please advise that all babies differ. Before doing anything you read on line with your baby, run it through your pediatrician!

Au revoir,
Señorita Elisa


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